We are a diverse people of one faith, through many affiliations, our main premise grounded in strong affinity to the values of Christ. Through church we want to keep practicing our vibrant traditions that were integral during our early years. We want to be true witnesses for Christ in every walk of life.

The CSI church, Sydney is the fruit of the fervent prayers of people from the Indian diaspora, particularly the state of Kerala who sought to offer rich praise to a God that is most deserving of our highest worship. The old patterns of traditional praise and worship and memories of church involvement has for long been the subsistence of our faith. Aspects such as Sunday School, familiar hymns and lyrics, church camps, mission work are of great appeal to our spiritual growth. The yearning to pass this on to future generations cannot be negated. For many of us who grew up with these rich cultural traditions, the strength we drew seamlessly became the essence, vigour and purpose of our existence.

As our lives moved in different directions, many blended effortlessly into a new order that has embraced more contemporary forms of worship. However, the early experiences of church have remained vital in shaping our spiritual journey as Christians.

Through his chosen ones, an avenue was opened for us to revisit the formation of a Malayalam CSI congregation. To our great amazement, he had provided a discerning people to carry out the task ahead. An indelible vision concurrently emerged. Members drew near as one body in response to this huge awakening.

The first meeting held at Glenquarie Anglican church witnessed a spontaneous interest from all gathered there to explore the possibilities of such a venture.  It immediately became apparent that there was no turning back. God had given us an opportunity to rekindle our faith, to rise up from our sluggish ways and to reconnect to familiar patterns of worship in both the traditional vernacular and the contemporary. The work of God for the extension of his kingdom was soon made manifest through the expressions of our faith,

The vision of the focus group was clear: to work as one body for the glory of God. With child – like faith and obedience to his will, the mission of the church thus began. Our overwhelming desire is for all members to follow the example of our Lord and Saviour through our walk in this world, to encourage each other to reflect on his word, to be a true Christian witness serving one another.

Our motto being that of the mother church

That they all may be one”.

The CSI church in Sydney aspires to be a formidable and growing witness for Christ. We prayerfully seek his blessing in being empowered with his grace and wisdom that in all things His name will be glorified.

Pastorate Committees

Rev. Jobby John, then Vicar of St. Mathew’s Anglican & CSI congregations, Ashburton, Victoria was appointed to oversee the proceedings. Rev. Jobby John worked tirelessly to ensure that an inaugural service during the Deputy Moderator’s visit would become a reality. He conducted a meeting on 28th June 2014 at St Thomas’ church, Moorebank to appoint a committee to ensure the organisation of the inaugural service. An action committee comprising of the following six members came together to facilitate the inaugural event.

At the end of the year, an AGM was conducted after the carol service on 5th November 2014. Rev. Jobby John requested that the same committee continue for another year (November 2014 to June 2015) along with other new members. The new committee was formed which functioned under the leadership and guidance of Rev. Jobby John.

Committee members 2014 - 2015 

Committee members 2015 - 2017

Committee members 2017 - 2019

Committee members 2019 - 2021

As a Congregation, we continued to conduct worship service in Malayalam on 3rd Saturday of every month initially at South Liverpool Church, Lurnea (August) and Riverside Church, Hammondville from September 2014.