Youth Fellowship

The Youth Fellowship of CSI Church Sydney has been a small but steadily growing part of the Church over the years. 

An active and dedicated youth ministry in Church is so important - the youth or adolescent years are usually a formative phase during which we mature in our faith in Christ. A youth group creates a support system for us to build friendships, reflect on God’s word and build a personal relationship with Jesus. Even though our youth fellowship is still in its early stages of development, the CSI Church recognises this crucial role of youth ministry and seeks to provide support and guidance to nurture its growth. 

The youth of CSI are involved in various activities within the Church on a regular basis. The Youth are encouraged to take leadership roles in the ministry of the Church.  A key area of involvement is the Youth led monthly English services, during which the young people take initiative by participating in lay ministry and undertaking duties such as Bible readings, selecting hymns, assisting in the collection of offertory and other aspects of the service. The youth also coordinate and conduct the music for the service. The youth are also involved in other aspects of the church, often singing at the yearly church anniversary celebrations, as well as the Easter and Christmas services. 

A regular Bible Study for the Youth is conducted once a month.  The Bible Study addresses the concerns of the young people, particularly in relation to the practical application of their faith in day to day aspects of life.  As a group, the CSI youth fellowship seeks to create a warm, welcoming and safe environment, which encourages open discussion and dialogue. It is certainly an exciting time ahead for the CSI Church as its youth ministry continues to grow and prosper in the coming months and years.

If you are in Sydney you are most welcome to join our fellowship.