Pastorate Committee

The Pastorate Committee has been appointed by the members of the Church in order to serve the Church. There is a representative from the women and the youth. Area fellowship leaders have been elected to organise small group ministry and lay ministry duties on a monthly basis.

The committee members in charge are as follows:

  1. Rev. Sujit David (President)
  2. Philip George (Vice-President)
  3. Biju Kurien (Warden)
  4. Anita Kurien (Secretary)
  5. Limoj Philip (Joint-Secretary)
  6. Jacob Roy (Treasurer)
  7. Santhosh Joshua (Joint-Treasurer)
  8. Rency Deepuraj (Women's Representative)
  9. Eby Samji (Youth Representative)
  10. Jeevan Sam

Area Representatives

Mr. Matthew Matthews (Hills)

Mr. Charles Joseph (West)

Mr. Deepuraj T (South West)

The Committee undertakes regular devotions and Bible study before it engages in administrative matters.