Pastorate Committee

The Pastorate Committee has been appointed by the members of the Church in order to serve the Church. There is a representative from the women and the youth. Area fellowship leaders have been elected to organise small group ministry and lay ministry duties on a monthly basis.

The committee members in charge are as follows:

  1. Rev. Sujit David (President)

  2. Mathew Mathews (Vice-President)

  3. Biju Kurien (Warden)

  4. John Jacob (Secretary)

  5. Biju Ninan (Joint-Secretary)

  6. Jacob Roy (Treasurer)

  7. Santhosh Joshua (Joint-Treasurer)

  8. Shoban Thomas (Women's Representative)

  9. Viji Joseph Mani (Youth Representative)

Area Representatives

Mr. Matthew Matthews (Hills)

Mr. Charles Joseph (West)

Mr. Limoj Philip Manuvel (South West)

The Committee undertakes regular devotions and Bible study before it engages in administrative matters.