Vicar's Message

The CSI Sydney Church is a congregation recognized by the Church of South India Synod. The vision of this Church is to open avenues CSI members to congregate and worship God in the rich traditions and practices of the CSI. Presently, the Malayalee CSI community meets together and follows the CSI Order of Worship at its regular Worship Service. This congregation invites CSI members in Sydney to come and fellowship, we have a Service in English every third Sunday of the month. We are open to explore the possibility of CSI worship in the language that you find comfortable and meaningful. This parish is not affiliated to a particular Diocese but comes directly under the CSI Synod, therefore the Moderator of the CSI is the Bishop of this parish. This arrangement helps all CSI members irrespective of area or language to freely participate in the worship and ministry of the Church.

It was Rev. Jobby John and few members who migrated from Kerala and settled in Sydney that labored hard in the emergence of the CSI congregation. The prayers and commitment of the people along with the earnest desire to worship God in the order familiar to them helped this congregation to grow to what it is today. The leadership and support of Rev. Vinod Victor (Vicar of the CSI & Anglican Parish of Ashburton, Melbourne) was very significant in the development of this congregation.

I am privileged to serve as the first full time Presbyter of this Parish. The representation of members across various Dioceses of Kerala makes the worship vibrant. The different wings of the Church are functioning well under the leadership of committed people. We have regular meetings of the various wings. For deeper fellowship and mission we have started Area Prayer Groups. For convenience we have formed three groups – Liverpool and South West, West and Parramatta, Hills and City.

If you are a visitor to Sydney, please join us for a time of fellowship. If you are migrating to Sydney, we will be happy to have you and your family to fellowship with us. Please contact us through email or phone. If you know of CSI members in Sydney, please send them our link or give us their information. The CSI Sydney Church is committed to glorify God and to be an instrument in the Great Commission of our Lord.

Rev. Sujit Solomon David