Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday School at the CSI Church Sydney!!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our small but happy group of Sunday School children at the CSI Church. We meet every Sunday in the rooms downstairs in the Church. 

 Our regular Sunday School friends are in the age group ranging from 4 to 11 years, and we will have an intermediate group from 12 years and upwards starting soon. The Beginner class is for 4-6-year-old children, Primary class for 6-8 years old and the Junior class for 9-11 years old children.

Together with our enthusiastic teachers who are our very own mums and dads from church, we sing songs in English and Malayalam and in future would like to learn songs in other languages that praise God’s name. 

Children are encouraged to read the Bible regularly and bring along their Bibles to class. We follow the Splash Curriculum of CEEFI (Christian Education Department of The Evangelical Fellowship Of India) for our lessons and insight into The Word.

We also encourage our children to appreciate their home language Malayalam and some of our children also speak fluent Malayalam and are good role models for the others.

Our aim is to learn about God’s goodness and faithfulness and how we can apply this to our day to day living as our children live in a spiritually and morally challenged world.

We would love to see you stop by and hang around with us for a chat and some happy story telling from the Bible, learning memory verses, colouring in and singing. We also have snacks at the end!!!!

Come and speak to our teachers when you visit us and join us for a lesson. See you soon!!!!