Church Choir

The music ministry of the CSI church, Sydney is one of the highlights since the formation of the church. The choristers willingly come together to sing for the glory of God. The dedication and leadership of the choir master encouraged the choristers to flourish in an atmosphere of mutual respect and good will. Both old and young are encouraged to appreciate the nuances of the beloved and most acclaimed four part harmony, the signature of CSI church choirs world wide. The choir is active in ministering to other churches and plays an integral role in assisting the clergy at each of its church services. 

Some of its important events are

Our combined vision is to participate willingly to ecumenical meets, offer comfort to the lonely and for fundraising events .

Choir Master:  Abraham Timi Thomas

Asst. Choir Master: Viji Joseph Mani

Choir Secretary: Reni Joseph Vadakkepparampil

Organist: Jacob Thomas

Guitarist: Jacob Roy