Women's Fellowship

The Women’s Fellowship of the CSI Church Sydney is an active wing of the CSI Church Sydney which meets with the aim of uniting the women of the Church and equipping them for Christian witness and in making them part of all the programmes of the church. This fellowship also strives to bring the women of the church in close contact with one another, share their experiences and learn from each other to be effective witnesses in the community and the society at large.

The Women’s Fellowship is the backbone of any Church and hence in order to strengthen it for its service, once a month meeting (fourth Sunday) after the Church service has been organized. The women meet for different activities like prayer, study of the Word of God, sharing their talents and skills with one another etc. To be an effective body of the CSI Church Sydney, the Women’s Fellowship will be working towards a meaningful ministry among the needy and poor, oppressed and the marginalized sections of the church and society. The Women of the Church who are ‘called to serve’ are encouraged to promote unity, fellowship and justice for which they are equipped and empowered as effective leaders in their families, Church and society.

Aims And Objectives:

The Women of CSI Church Sydney has, in the past, been involved in organizing food sale for important Church events like Easter Recitals, Harvest Festivals, Carol Services etc. They have thus contributed to the finances of the Church too. They also organize dinner for important programmes like Annual General Body Meeting etc. In addition to this, sick visits, annual retreats, spiritual conferences (both within the church and between different churches) and cultural events are also in the offing.